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Our Heritage

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The Family

Smith Dairy has always been a family business. Although Peter sold his half of the Dairy to John in 1914, he returned several years later. Brother William bought shares from John in 1919, and soon Amos, a fourth brother, began working with his family.

The Schmid family has maintained leadership throughout the Dairy’s history. Under the guidance of William and John, the Dairy grew, and in 1930, was incorporated. John was named the first President while William served as Treasurer. In 1955, John’s son, Walter, took over as General Manager. Walter helped to instill the high ideals of pride and care in every aspect of production and the day-to-day business. In 1986, the family tradition continued when Steve, Walter’s son, was named President.

The company prospered because all three generations set high standards for excellence and continually improved, expanded, and modernized the operation. The Christian principles that governed their personal lives guided their actions in the business world. They also created an environment that attracted many people to work with them in serving the needs of their customers.

The Family

John, Mary Esther, Steve