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Our Mission Statement

Smith Dairy’s mission is to treat our customers, our associates, and our owners according to the example of Christ. This three-legged milk stool can be used to describe our corporate mission. The three legs stand for the three most important groups to Smith Dairy.

SMITH’S Headquarters

Corporate Office  |  Orrville, Ohio

milking stool

The First Leg

represents our customers. We all work to serve them. Without customers, none of us would be here.

The Second Leg

stands for our associates. To ensure that all of our associates treat our customers properly, we must create a satisfying and rewarding work environment.

The Third Leg

represents our owners. Our owners provide the capital necessary to operate our business. We must manage our operations profitably to keep our company healthy.

The Seat

It takes more than just three legs to provide a solid place to sit. The seat base tightly holds the legs together in just the right way. Without a solid seat as a foundation, the legs will not support anything. At Smith Dairy, this foundation is our commitment to treat everyone according to the example which Christ demonstrated to us.

How do we treat each of the three parties according to Christ’s example? In short, it means that:

We give our customers our best. We must provide them with products and service that meet and exceed their needs.

We must treat each associate with love, dignity and respect. Together, we will make a challenging and rewarding work environment at Smith Dairy.

We must be good stewards of our business. We need to manage our company efficiently and profitably.

Steve Smith

Respectfully yours,


Steve Schmid, President