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The Quality

The Quality Since 1909, quality has been the discerning trademark of “The Dairy in the Country”. Every aspect of business was performed with personal pride and close attention to each detail. From the first day, the Schmid brothers had to exercise this care in their daily chores. A monotonous task like handwashing the milk bottles could have easily been neglected or hurried. The Schmids took the time each day to ensure cleanliness. This practice is the foundation upon which the quality tradition at Smith Dairy was born.

Cleanliness continues to reign at the modern-day Smith Dairy. The stainless steel trucks that transport milk from farms to the plant are sanitized after each delivery. All equipment that handles and processes milk, the vats used to produce cottage cheese, and the fillers used to bottle milk are immaculately scrubbed daily. Cleaning is so important that approximately one-third of the plant associates’ time is devoted to cleaning and sanitizing the production equipment.

The company joined the Quality Chekd organization in 1947. This prestigious dairy association is committed to ensuring high quality and exacting standards in dairy production. We have earned numerous awards since joining Quality Chekd, each one demonstrating our long-standing commitment to excellence.